Saturday, April 20, 2013

Obscure C++ Features

Here is a collection of obscure C++ features, gathered over the years by the author of the post, Evan Wallace. Hopefully you'll learn something from this page even if you already know C++ pretty well. The features below are roughly ordered from least to most obscure.
  1. What square brackets really mean
  2. Most vexing parse
  3. Alternate operator tokens
  4. Redefining keywords
  5. Placement new
  6. Branch on variable declaration
  7. Turing complete template metaprogramming
  8. Pointer-to-member operators
  9. Static methods on instances
  10. Overloading ++ and --
  11. Operator overloading and evaluation order
  12. Functions as template parameters
  13. Template template parameters
  14. Function try blocks
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